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Company Profile

First Dimension BioSciences was founded in June 2015, and is located in the beautiful BioBay in Suzhou Industrial Park. First Dimension is a company working on quantifying life with big data genomics. Our mission is to utilize genomic information to improve public health. Starting with cancer genome profiling, we provide bioinformatics services in areas of cancer screening and early cancer detection, as well as clinical diagnosis and prognostic monitoring. We firmly believe that genomic information will be a powerful tool which can revolutionize our fight against cancer.

First Dimension is comprised of a world-class, experienced R&D team, equipped with multiple platforms of high-end sequencing instruments, proven experimental and medical pipelines and a state-of-the-art computational data center. We are aiming to become an industry leader in big data genomics in China, and to that end, we are committed to building an authoritative genetic information database of cancer genomes and to establish a statistical compendium of Chinese mutation profiles.

Our Founders

Dr. Tom Tang

BS & MS in Mathematics, Shandong University. BS in Biology and Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Utah.

An established inventor and informatics scientist. with over 20 years of experience in genomics and bioinformatics research, as well as product development. In his time, he has published over 25 research papers in leading scientific journals, and has procured 90 issued US patents.

Dr. Tang has led US scientists in discovering over 20 percent of all human genes. He has discovered and named four important gene families, including an insulin-like family of human hormones, a GPCR-like membrane protein family, a family of neural growth factors, and and a family of stem cell growth factors.

He served as project manager and director of bioinformatics in public US companies including Incyte, Nuvelo, Beckman & Coulter, and Complete Genomics.

Dr. Jian Xu

BS in Biology, Nanjing University. MS in Molecular Biology, Chinese Academy of Science. Ph.D. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Florida.

A senior scientist and successful entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experimental research and management experience in genomics. He is highly accomplished in the field of 2nd-generation sequencing technology, high throughput PCR, and other DNA sequencing platforms.

Dr. Xu was the Co-founder and COO of a genomics/variation detection company in Silicon Valley, USA, and has lead a team of 30 R&D scientists and lab technicians as director of the Gene Technology Department in Qiagen. He has also built a sequencing lab from the ground up, managing daily laboratory operations and establishing LIMS and data management pipelines.

Contact Us

Tel: +86 - 0512 - 6298 - 7009
Fax: +86 - 0512 - 6298 - 7011
Address: No.118, Bld. A3. 218 XingHu St. SuZhou Industrial Park JiangSu, China 215123